Francis Norman


Your child can learn English with a Private Teacher. It will help them to be their very best. I am very experienced.
I will work with your child one to one ... or ... I am happy to work with a friend or a small group of children who have similar needs and they can share the cost of the lessons.
I will encourage more confidence.. I will encourage deeper understanding of how English works. A weekly visit (or more often if you wish) should really improve the chances for your child to do well.
Visit me and I will take an interest in your child, believing in them and encouraging them to always give of their best. Learning is a partnership with parents, so I ask a parent to stay in the lessons. Sitting in on the lessons is something really important that you can do for your child. You will be able to help them out in between lessons. You will be able to encourage them and you will be able to share in their learning journey. For a child to have the support and approval of a parent is essential for great learning and for a child to have an adult mind at home to help them to reason things out is of great benefit to them.  
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Superb, top quality, dedicated personal tuition.

'If you do what I say, you can't help being good'