We are recruiting!!


We are currently creating some spaces for some new very keen gymnasts in our club. The spaces would suit School Year 3 or Year 4 children who are very keen and willing to commit lots of time and effort into developing their competitive tumbling.


Our competition tumblers do need a lot of commitment and they need to want to be part of a team and to do everything that they can to support their team.


This is a very demanding sport and and you need to be a sporty, brave, confident kind of child who really wants to win.


Your parents will need to be happy to take you to things on some weekends. This year the keenest gymnasts are training at Andover, Gloucester and Cambourne a few times in the year. They are competing in competitions in Bath, Bristol, Sherborne and Cambourne (and maybe a few extras if they do well). They will take part in displays in Liverpool, Cardiff and London. Contact Francis: email: francisnorman1@gmail.com if you think that you could be one of our competition tumblers.


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