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Improve your English When you are in the first few years of Secondary School , I can help you with your Writing. Learning with a Private Teacher will help you to achieve your best level. It will give you the chance to show what you can really do. Produce better writing
I am very experienced at helping young people to improve their writing.
I will work with you, one to one. We can do some of the work by email, if you would like to. That is a great way of making good progress. Together, we will work hard to produce your best writing. We will try to make you a confident writer in whatever subject you are interested in.
You need to visit me once (or more) each week and I will work with you to make you as good as you can be at your writing. You would bring along writing which you have done or which you are working on and I will help you to improve the quality of the writing. While we are working on the writing, you will learn to write better and more effectively. Each time you work with me, you should be able to produce a better piece of writing next time.


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Superb, top quality, dedicated personal tuition.

'If you do what I say, you can't help being good'


Francis Norman Private Tutor
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